Thur 7-7-16: Full Body (K2 – 3)

The third in the K2 series of full body workouts…

K2 – 3

Movement Series
Jumping jacks
Seal jacks
Zig zag
High knees
Butt kicks

Hanging Series
One Arm Hang
Swinging Scap Protraction/Retraction


3-4 Rounds of 8-10 reps:
Elevated Split Squat with Bicep Curl
One Arm Core Focused DB Press

3-4 Rounds:
Hamstring Drop Pushup x 6-8 reps
One Arm Body Row x 8-10 reps

3-4 Rounds:
One Arm DB Press x 8-10 reps
Triple Threat Leg Curl Series x 10-12 each

2-3 Rounds:
Ice skaters x 4-6 reps
Ball Rollouts x 10-12 reps
Crunches x 15-20 reps

2-3 Rounds:
Starter Jumps x 4-6 reps
Vertical Tricep Extension x 8-10 reps
Extended Elevated Side Plank x 20-30 seconds


Tree Ring Circus 

After seeing my American Ninja Warrior dreams slip away this year, time to return to exploring my fitness options. A couple days ago I noticed a tree that would nicely accommodate my gymnastics rings. So the following day I brought my rings, hooked them over a couple branches and monkeyed around a bit…

Mon 5-19-14: Back & Shoulders

Basic Upper Body Vertical Push Pull Workout…

4 rounds:
Jumprope 30 sec
Med Ball Plank 30 sec

5 rounds:
Pull-up/Knee Raise Combo – 6 reps each
BB Press – 12 reps @ 45lb

5 rounds:
Dual Cable Wide Pulldown
12 reps: 75,90,105,112,127
DB One Arm Seated Press
25×12, 35×11, 40×10, 45×9, 50×7

3 rounds:
Dual Cable Seated Row
12 reps: 80,90,100
DB Lateral Raise
12 reps: 15,17.5,20

4 rounds:
Lying DB Pullover
12 reps: 40,45,50,40
BB Snatch Grip Front Raise
10 reps: 30lb

Fri 5-2-14: Run & Handstand

Simple workout at the park today similar to a couple weeks ago. Jogged, shuffled, skipped, back pedaled, and ran. After a few rounds on about 100 yard of grass, the main workout was to sprint one length and recover by walking back and doing handstands every 15-20 yards. Did about 5-6 rounds of this and finished with some handstand pushups against a fence and some jumping and handstands. Very warm but good work and great fresh air and sunshine.


Sat/Sun 4-19/20-14: Pullups and Hand Work

Some short and simple bodyweight work over the weekend…


6-7 sets of ~8 reps, different grip or platform each set.


Hand Work

10 minutes of handstand practice

Wall Handstand Pushups
5-6 sets of 3-5 reps

5 minutes of handstand practice
5 minutes of handsprings and cartwheels