August 2016- New Videos

I’m still playing around with different things and workouts. Here’s the latest videos from the last month or so…


Birthday Workout

I often like to do age related workouts on my birthday to celebrate the end of a year and beginning of a new one. For a few years it was timed Franzens, which came to an end at 35 because I just couldn’t wrap my head around 35 of those as fast as possible. This year was like most of the others where I use my age as the rep number and do a bunch of exercises for that day’s work. 

Kyle’s 38th Birthday Workout

1 set of 38 reps:

Jumping Jacks
Deep Squats
Ring Rows

38 reps each:
Over multiple sets, did 19 reps before moving on to next exercise then repeated circuit once more for 19 reps each. 

Handstand Hold/Walk
Cliffhanger/Fingertip Pull-ups
Jump Squats/Split Switch Jumps
Ring Dips
One Arm Hang

10 exercises, 380 reps. About 50 minutes. Not a bad way to finish the year. 

Return to Fitness & Videos

After a little break from exercising and a big break from posting about it I have decided it’s time to get back into it. I’ve been playing around with a few new things lately so I thought it would be nice to share them on the site. 

Most of my personal fitness has been light the last two months as made it a point to separate from working out. I took it easy for the most part with a few light things here and there and enjoyed a two week vacation with lots of golf, pool time and bike riding. 

I returned to regular life with a ninja warrior competition last weekend and got back in the swing of things with a trip to a local university for some play and exercise…

Here’s a few other exercises I’ve been incorporating lately…

Glad to be back!

Me and a Playground 2

The next installment of playground fitness. In what is becoming the theme of the last few weeks, almost every workout is taking the shape of finding ways to exercise using things around me…

American Ninja Warrior 2015

Basketball ClimberIt’s that time of year to see if the folks over at American Ninja Warrior see some potential in this 37 year old dad of 4. I had a fun time putting my video together this year, even more than last time. The kids play a bigger role this time, which they should, since they are the biggest part of my world…

I’ll keep you updated¬†if I hear from them and if I get picked again I will need some support!

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

CliffhangerFinn PushupsDevil's Steps

Fri 4-25-14: Pull

Mostly back and hamstring work with a little core thrown in for fun…

5 Rounds:
One Arm DB Pickup with Shoulder Retraction 10 reps each side: 16k,32k,40k,40,40
Wide Grip Pullups 8 reps

2 Rounds:
One Side KB Hold 30 sec + 10 reps side bend
Dual Cable Lat Pulldown 10 reps @ 97lb

2 Rounds:
GHD Leg Curl 10 reps
GHD Full ROM Sit-up 10 reps + 10 mid range crunches

4 Rounds:
DB Outward Curl 12 reps @ 30lb
Ball Crunch, Straight Leg w/ Glute Squeeze 10 reps
Reverse Fly 10 reps

Cobra 2 sets of 1 min