May 2017- The Latest

As life carries me in many directions the Bare 5 Fitness blog has not been getting much love the last several months. My fitness hasn’t slowed down but getting content here has fallen on the priority scale quite a bit. The Playground Ninja has taken a chunk of it and I started playing baseball again so my training and workouts have shifted a bit from where they have been for a good while.

Like most jack of all trade seekers I’m still dabbling in many different things trying to keep good balance and overall proficiency. 

Workouts these days are a little less ninja based and more strength and power based, with a special emphasis on legs and rotation. I haven’t played baseball in 13 years and have some catching up to do so I hope to tailor my training a bit more toward sport performance the next few months. I’ll try to share some of that as I go along. 

All the while I’ve tried to keep up on getting videos of new exercises and workouts out there. The Playground Ninja Fitness Series now has 3 installments (Pull, Core, Push) with another in the works this week. 

Bare 5 covered some SuperMoves…

I’ve also been using barbell and dumbbell complexes lately…

And adding some new exercises to the program…

Hope fitness is finding you all well. 


The Playground Ninja

If you’ve seen my American Ninja Warrior submission video and some of my recent social media posts than you probably saw this coming…

theplaygroundninja on Instagram

The Playground Ninja Facebook Page

playgroundninj on Twitter

It’s been in the works for a while but I made it official a couple weeks ago. They’ll all be pretty simple but I thought it would be a fun way to document my playground ninja activity.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

The Latest

Time has flown by this year as here we are in March already. Workouts have been following the sme basic approach: lots of playground and park training. I have been meaning to share some of them but they don’t follow much structure and often change quite a bit even while I’m doing them it would be hard to write down everything I do in a “workout” as basically I’ve been going to play at the park whenever I can. 

I did find a nice set of pullup bars at the local regional park that has the fitness stations I shared back in January and I was able to put together a couple videos of what my workouts look like when I head over to my local bar…

Bar Workout 1

Bar Workout 2

I also recently put this together for a client as something to keep his back, core and posture in check. I hope to expand on this soon as well.

Back & Core 1 (Essentials)

Mon/Tues Feb 2/3, 2015: Park Workouts

Back to work after a nice little workout hiatus to heal up and recover. Took my trampoline and pogo stick to the park and played around, looking for as many things to play, climb and hang on that were a bit outside of the box. No real plan, just freestyled things and went with the flow…


Mon 12-15-14: Bodyweight Playground

Kept a similar theme to last Monday’s workout at the park…

Bodyweight Playground Work

Walk, jog, skip to park ~5 min
Misc hanging, climbing, swinging, jumping ~5 min

4 rounds of:
One Arm Hanging – misc versions
Dips ~5 reps, misc versions
Depth Jumps ~7.5′ drop, 3 reps

3 rounds of:
Running Gap Jump 10-15′, 2-4 reps (1-2 each leg)
Skin The Cat 2-3 reps, different grips
Depth Pushup Pop Ups 5 reps

Jog, skip and walk back to work ~5 min