The Playground 300

Find a playground, any will do. 

All you need is 3 little moves. 

Cycle through til 300 reps and

Quite a workout you will get…

This is what I played with around today. Simple but effective. I used push-ups, step-ups and body rows with rounds of 30, 24, 20, 16 and 10 reps for a total of 300 reps (100 each move). I added 300 seconds of misc hanging at the end for a nice finishing touch. You could use any number of exercises or rep schemes but this seemed just right.  


The Latest

Time has flown by this year as here we are in March already. Workouts have been following the sme basic approach: lots of playground and park training. I have been meaning to share some of them but they don’t follow much structure and often change quite a bit even while I’m doing them it would be hard to write down everything I do in a “workout” as basically I’ve been going to play at the park whenever I can. 

I did find a nice set of pullup bars at the local regional park that has the fitness stations I shared back in January and I was able to put together a couple videos of what my workouts look like when I head over to my local bar…

Bar Workout 1

Bar Workout 2

I also recently put this together for a client as something to keep his back, core and posture in check. I hope to expand on this soon as well.

Back & Core 1 (Essentials)

Tues/Thur Jan 14/16, 2015: Park Training

Twice this week I got out to local parks to run around, get some sun, fresh air and exercise. Tuesday I went to a playground and explored all the little things I could do on and around the playset. Thursday I headed to a regional park and messed around with the little fitness course they had set up along the rim pathway of the park. Some simple and old school exercise stations but fun nonetheless…

Here’s my video of the basics of park training:

Monday Jan 12, 2015: Bodyweight

After a little hiatus from posting workouts we are back on track. Most of what you’ll see here the next month will be simple and bodyweight oriented as I continue to train for a potential return to American Ninja Warrior…

Bodyweight Training

A.M. Skill & Strength Development

7-8 Alternating sets of:
Handstand Holds/One Arm Holds against Wall
Hanging/One Arm Hanging/Front Levers

P.M. Playground Fun & Games

30-40 minutes of swinging, puddle jumping, long jumping, precision jumping and climbing on the playground equipment. Found a nice tight rope and a great boulder to climb around on but mostly just had fun goofing around and creating little games/challenges…2015/01/img_0155.png