The Daily 15

Fresh off the Daily 10, here's the next level. 15 movements that can anchor your day and keep things in tip top shape. These are standalone but can also be the progression off the first 10.

The Daily 15

Lunge to Pushup
Flying Stork
Bear Walk
Tumbleweed Pushup
Bridge Press
Hip Dip & Reach
Pistol Squat
Spinning Side Lunge
Swivel Plank
Split Jacks


Wed 9-18-13: B5F BW

Over to the UCI track for some sprints and Pullups…

Bare 5 Fit Protocol

Run & Pull

1/2 mile walk
1/4 mile jog
10 Pull-ups
8 Chin-ups
100 meter sprints: 50%, 60%

8 Wide Pull-ups
8 Chin-ups
Sprints: 70%, 80%
8 Step Up Pull-ups
Sprint: 90%
8 Neutral Grip Pull-ups
15 Elevated Tricep Pushups
Sprint: 90%
8 Neutral Grip Pull-ups
15 Elevated Tricep Pushups
Sprint: 80%
10 Plyometric Pull-ups
15 Elevated Tricep Pushups
Sprint: 70%
10 Alternating Pull-up/Chin-up
15 Elevated Tricep Pushups
Jog 1/4 mile
Walk 1/2 mile

Mon 4-1-13: Trees

Climbed trees for about 15 minutes. Found a street with some good trees and climbed up and down each one. Did some other miscellaneous jumping, swinging and hanging, putting together a nice little outdoor workout. Only gathered a few staring spectators in the process…

And only a few scrapes too…


10 Ten Minute Full Body Workouts

Came across a great article at Marks Daily Apple called 10 Full Body Workouts You Can Do In 10 Minutes Flat. Some great stuff in here, bookmark this if you ever need quick and effective ways to move a challenge your body, including some gym workouts but mostly outdoor natural movement challenges.

Mon 3-4-13: Lower Body & Plyos


A quick little sunshine workout in my backyard with the littlest Knapp…

Lower Body/Plyometrics

BW x 40
Baby Squat and Lunge
~13 lbs x 30 assorted reps
Squat Jump to Broad Jump
5 reps each

Jump Squat/Split Switch Jump Countdown (Video of 10,9,8)
10 reps/10 reps each side

Crab Thrust (Video)
3 sets of 10
Single Leg Crab Thrust (Video)
1 set of 10

Deep Baby Squats
1 set of 5