August 2016- New Videos

I’m still playing around with different things and workouts. Here’s the latest videos from the last month or so…


Climbing, Lunging and Handstands 

Today I headed over to Sender One climbing center and ended up doing a pretty neat workout. 

After some rowing, balance work and general warm up I did this circuit. 

Rock Climbing
Walking Lunges

I would climb for about 5 minutes, then grab some DBs for 24 lunges (12 each leg), then work on handstands for 30-45 seconds. After a few minutes rest I went back to the rock wall and started the circuit again. Five circuits took about 45 minutes and was a great all over workout. 

Update & New Videos: Nov 2014

Hi folks, since things have been both slow and unstructured around here there hasn’t been much to publish but I thought I would give a quick update and a few new exercise videos.

Training has been consistent but highly variable and relatively unstructured. I have mostly been combining gymnastics training with playground training but on any given day I might do something different if I feel like it. I’ve also started filming my submission video for American Ninja Warrior so the last few “workouts” have been dedicated to that. Ideally, if selected, most of my training in the near future will revolve around that so I will be sure to detail that as best I can.

Here’s a few of the latest videos…

Bow Hunting Training 102

Bow Hunting Training 202

Bow Hunting Training 302

Bicep Curl Front Squat

Shoulder Dislocates

Shoulder Dump with Medicine Ball

One Arm Hanging Leg Raise