The Playground Ninja

If you’ve seen my American Ninja Warrior submission video and some of my recent social media posts than you probably saw this coming…

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It’s been in the works for a while but I made it official a couple weeks ago. They’ll all be pretty simple but I thought it would be a fun way to document my playground ninja activity.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!


Warm It Up

Warming up is such a tremendously valuable practice that, particularly as you get older and/or increase the demand on the body, can be an irreplaceable part of your exercise program. Over the years I’ve tried a hundred different things and have found some things work, others don’t and still others kinda work but depend on how I’m feeling that day.

For a warmup, my priority is usually a quick activation of the nervous system and mild muscular stimulation and circulatory pump. Nothing tiring, just something that gets my blood pumping, body loose and mind connected. There’s probably dozens of “best” warmup sequences out there but this Warmup and the couple I’ll share down the road are what work for me.

Warm It Up 1 – Outdoors

*Done outside, bare feet and shirt off but could be done anywhere. This is about 35 different moves – I spend anywhere from 10-30 seconds on each one and keep moving for most of the whole 10 minutes it takes me. Could be done in any order this just my basic preference.

Do it once to warm up well. Twice to really warm up. Three, four or five times and you’ve just worked out.

Heel and Toe Raises
Pronate and Supinate Feet
Wiggle Toes
Toe Curl
External and Internal Hip Rotation
Lizard Crawl
Back Breast Stroke
Back Roll
Back Roll Two Sided Toe Touch/V Sit
Back Roll Standup
Back Roll Candlestick Jump
Back Roll Jumping Jack
One Leg Toe Touch and Reach
One Leg Toe Touch and Reach Eyes Closed
Xiaopeng Double Forwards
Upper Body Twists
Bouncing and Shaking
Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Deep Mountain Climbers
Super Speed Arm Raises
Super Speed Flys
Super Speed Rows
Double Arm Circles (forward and back)
Double Arm Raises (quick)
Tuck Jumps
Pop Pushups/Toe Pops
Cossack Squats
Drop Pushups to Backward Jump
Bow/Downward Dog Combo
Bow/Prone Crunch Combo
Bear Crawl

Tree Ring Circus 

After seeing my American Ninja Warrior dreams slip away this year, time to return to exploring my fitness options. A couple days ago I noticed a tree that would nicely accommodate my gymnastics rings. So the following day I brought my rings, hooked them over a couple branches and monkeyed around a bit…

American Ninja Warrior

I decided to submit a video application to the show American Ninja Warrior so this week I’ve used any workout time to film clips to use for the video. It’s been so much fun- no matter what happens with the application I can consider this a fantastic experience because of the creativity, challenge and fun that’s resulted from filming this week.

As soon as I put the video together I will be sure to share it!

Update: Here it is…

P.S. If you’re interested, you have until Feb 14th to apply. Here’s the link. Good luck!

Sun 1-26-14: Pull-ups

I decided to continue on the theme of simplicity. This week I’ll do the same workouts as last week but make each set a little harder, increasing the intensity but reducing the reps a bit, around 75. Next week I’ll continue to make it a little harder, and do a few less, probably around 50 reps. First things first though, on to pullups…

80 Pullups

Warmup: 10 Tree Pullups

10 Tree Chin-ups (plyometric)
4 Door Trim
5 Chain Loop
5 Door Trim
7 Tree
8 Porch Awning
5 Two rope
4 Two rope
7 Two rope
6 Two rope
7 Two rope
10 Tree
3 Two door

Mixed in some trampoline jumping and jump to branches between the tree and rope sets.