The Daily 10

The inherent challenge in picking a group of exercises to do on a daily basis is pretty massive. When you take into account how different we all are and multiply that by how many ways that we move and function it makes it next to impossible to find a list of a few exercises that gets everything we need. 

But like everyone else I love the attempt. Here's an example of a beginners version of a daily exercise stimulus. This is not an exercise program- just a sample of one set each of 10 reps that moves the body in most of the ways it needs on a daily basis to serve as a foundation or grounding that can be developed over time or simply used as is to keep full body activation a consistent part of your life. 

The Daily 10

10 exercises. 1 set of 10 reps each. 

Shoulder Circles (forward and backward)
Y Squat
Single Leg Toe Touch and Reach
Mountain Climbers
Cossack Squat
Star Cross Touch
Extended Plank Side Toe Touch
Jumping Jacks


Tues 3-18-14: Body Work

Headed over to the park today…

Body Work

Light jogging and stretching to loosen up.

Run 80-100 yards, 6 times

Dragon Flags 3 sets of 3

Climbed some trees and other misc objects.

Toes to Bar 2 sets of 10

Shuttle Run Length of basketball court and back every 30 seconds x 6 sets

Misc hanging
– from basketball hoop for a little over a minute
– from a few random pillars, fences and rails for a minute or so

Jog back ~2 min

Wed 5-15-13: Yard Work

All it takes is a day out in the yard to make you appreciate the amount of work that goes into gardening and landscaping. Chopping, cutting, lifting, carrying, hauling, dumping, throwing and more. Not a single muscle left out and every little movement meant something. Functional fitness at its core. Not only a nice departure from structured exercise but also outdoors in the sun. Doing work to maintain your residence/habitat is about as natural, traditional, primal and universal as you get.


Tues 4-24-12

Had an unexpected open hour so I walked over to the park and ran around a bit…

Movement Workout

Agility Drills
Nothing structured, just ran around the basketball court, following the lines, zig-zagging, cutting, spinning, shuffling, back pedaling, etc.

3 sets of the basketball conditioning drill, ran 80-90%.
34.6, 31.7, 30.3

A few jumps onto the basketball hoop support bars and rim

Barefoot Grass Sprints
5 ~100 yard runs at a moderate pace, 75% if I had to put a number on it. Haven’t sprinted in a while so took it easy and stretched it out.

Then just walked around for a while on the grass.