February 2017- Video Barrage

I was looking through my phone’s video library yesterday and realized I had about 30 exercise videos I never published so over the course of an hour I blitzed YouTube with a couple dozen new fitness and exercise clips. There’s so many I won’t post them here but they include several ways to spice up your arm training by incorporating body work into it and quite a few ones from the archives that I had never filmed until recently. 

I’ve also added a couple training montages over the last month or so…

Hope all is fit in your neck of the woods and I hope to be posting quite a bit more in 2017!


More Exercise Videos

A collection of new various exercise videos from the last week or so. Played around with a few different concepts and exercise families and came up with some new stuff and filmed some exercises already in the existing programs…

Some New Leg Work

Here’s a few new leg based exercise videos I filmed this morning at 5am. Since my client wasn’t feeling good and couldn’t come in and I was already up I tried to make myself productive… 😄

A Bunch More Exercise Videos

I’ve been busy adding to the exercise library lately the last month or two. Here they are from oldest to most recent…

Update & New Videos: Nov 2014

Hi folks, since things have been both slow and unstructured around here there hasn’t been much to publish but I thought I would give a quick update and a few new exercise videos.

Training has been consistent but highly variable and relatively unstructured. I have mostly been combining gymnastics training with playground training but on any given day I might do something different if I feel like it. I’ve also started filming my submission video for American Ninja Warrior so the last few “workouts” have been dedicated to that. Ideally, if selected, most of my training in the near future will revolve around that so I will be sure to detail that as best I can.

Here’s a few of the latest videos…

Bow Hunting Training 102

Bow Hunting Training 202

Bow Hunting Training 302

Bicep Curl Front Squat

Shoulder Dislocates

Shoulder Dump with Medicine Ball

One Arm Hanging Leg Raise