The Daily 15

Fresh off the Daily 10, here's the next level. 15 movements that can anchor your day and keep things in tip top shape. These are standalone but can also be the progression off the first 10.

The Daily 15

Lunge to Pushup
Flying Stork
Bear Walk
Tumbleweed Pushup
Bridge Press
Hip Dip & Reach
Pistol Squat
Spinning Side Lunge
Swivel Plank
Split Jacks


Me and a Community Center 3

The latest installment. I may or may not be doing number 4 because I may or may not have been asked to stop climbing all over the place while filming this…

Me and a Community Center 2

Inspired by Tuesday’s workout which only used a corner area of the community center, I headed back over there to explore the possibility of the opposite corner…

Me and a Community Center 

Yesterday I was in the mood to experiment, jump around and have fun. So I headed over to the local community center and this is what happened…

Me and a Playground 2

The next installment of playground fitness. In what is becoming the theme of the last few weeks, almost every workout is taking the shape of finding ways to exercise using things around me…

Me and a Bike Rack

The next installment of finding exercise all around us. Today it was a bike rack that peaked my interest. Here are just a few of the many exercise possibilities that can be found in your local bike holding device…

Monday Jan 12, 2015: Bodyweight

After a little hiatus from posting workouts we are back on track. Most of what you’ll see here the next month will be simple and bodyweight oriented as I continue to train for a potential return to American Ninja Warrior…

Bodyweight Training

A.M. Skill & Strength Development

7-8 Alternating sets of:
Handstand Holds/One Arm Holds against Wall
Hanging/One Arm Hanging/Front Levers

P.M. Playground Fun & Games

30-40 minutes of swinging, puddle jumping, long jumping, precision jumping and climbing on the playground equipment. Found a nice tight rope and a great boulder to climb around on but mostly just had fun goofing around and creating little games/challenges…2015/01/img_0155.png