Back & Core 5

The latest in the Back & Core series, designed as the next progression for intermediate movers or a stand alone for more advanced movers. 

Back & Core 5

Forward/Backward Roll
Side Roll
Pistol Squat
Pistol Squat Roll Standups
Table Hip Swivel
Back Bridge
Floating Scorpion
Side Plank Reach Under
Side Plank Overhead Reach
Rolling Log
Beast Birddog
Beast Hop Throughs
One Arm Squat Thrust
Elbow to Ankle Lunge
Wall Walk
Hanging Leg Raise
Hanging Knee Raise
Hanging Side Crunch
Hanging Twist
One Arm Hang
One Arm Hanging Leg Raise
Side Swinging
Seal Drag
Seal Slides/Backward
Bow Crunch


Tues 5-21-13: Supple Leopardness

A couple days ago I got my copy of Becoming a Supple Leopard and today I started my journey toward becoming a better moving human. If you’re not already familiar with it you should check it out, it really is some fantastic stuff. I’ve been familiar with Kelly Starrett from his work on Mobility WOD for a few years but haven’t been inspired to attack my body until his book came out. Great stuff in a nice, heavy book that covers quite a bit. Check it out on his website or

Wed 3-13-13: Full Body Randomness

Got a chance to exercise which doesn’t happen much on Wednesdays and given two workouts this week already I didn’t want to do much so I literally just did whatever random exercise/activity/movement/stretch came to mind.


Too difficult to log everything I did but it included planking variations, TRX stretching, core work, hip mobility, research and development (testing out/creating/experiencing) on different exercises with a device called the Land Mine (seen below), bending, twisting, squatting, extending, stretching, flexing and 100 jumping jacks. Just moved my body however it felt like it need


The Last Few Months

What a busy four months it’s been! Culminating six weeks ago with the birth of my third son and every day since, life has been keeping me on my toes.

In mid September my goal was simple: to rest, recover and regenerate the two months before the baby arrived. Happily I am able to report I was able to accomplish just that.

Month 1 was very light, with next to no exercise, just some light activity, walking and stretching. I felt great after this month of rest and found that i was itching to move around a bit so I decided to do a very limited exercise program in Month 2, which I called “Exercise Minimus”. The goal was to return to some exercise but keep it very short and simple. No more than an hour a week and 10 minutes of actual exertion. I finished the month with a bit under 3 hours total and about 35 minutes of exertion.

Month 3 was also limited but I allowed a bit more volume, upping the total time allocated to about 5 1/2 hours with 1 1/2 hours of it exerting for the month.

Month 4 was a bit more back to normal but still limited. Some exercise minimus but also a few full workouts sprinkled in for the first time since early/mid September.

I feel great so at this point my plan is to continue this approach. Sleep is at a premium these days thanks to the little one so I still need to be smart about the stress I put on my body. So the plan is to stick with what’s working.

I was also able to maintain or improve upon many strength or fitness tests and body composition also maintained itself.

For the specifics, you can check out my detailed records of both Exercise Minimus and Exercise Sebatacle Measurements.

Working In

Working In.

A concept I explored on a Bare 5 blog post a few months back. Recapturing energy through restorative and regenerative activities. Recharging our metaphorical battery.

In preparation for baby number three I am going to take a break from working out and focus more on resting, recovering and working in. I’ll still be active and post a few things here and there the next few months but nothing too structured.

As always, if I come across any cool workouts I’ll share them for anyone interested.