Warm It Up

Warming up is such a tremendously valuable practice that, particularly as you get older and/or increase the demand on the body, can be an irreplaceable part of your exercise program. Over the years I’ve tried a hundred different things and have found some things work, others don’t and still others kinda work but depend on how I’m feeling that day.

For a warmup, my priority is usually a quick activation of the nervous system and mild muscular stimulation and circulatory pump. Nothing tiring, just something that gets my blood pumping, body loose and mind connected. There’s probably dozens of “best” warmup sequences out there but this Warmup and the couple I’ll share down the road are what work for me.

Warm It Up 1 – Outdoors

*Done outside, bare feet and shirt off but could be done anywhere. This is about 35 different moves – I spend anywhere from 10-30 seconds on each one and keep moving for most of the whole 10 minutes it takes me. Could be done in any order this just my basic preference.

Do it once to warm up well. Twice to really warm up. Three, four or five times and you’ve just worked out.

Heel and Toe Raises
Pronate and Supinate Feet
Wiggle Toes
Toe Curl
External and Internal Hip Rotation
Lizard Crawl
Back Breast Stroke
Back Roll
Back Roll Two Sided Toe Touch/V Sit
Back Roll Standup
Back Roll Candlestick Jump
Back Roll Jumping Jack
One Leg Toe Touch and Reach
One Leg Toe Touch and Reach Eyes Closed
Xiaopeng Double Forwards
Upper Body Twists
Bouncing and Shaking
Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
Deep Mountain Climbers
Super Speed Arm Raises
Super Speed Flys
Super Speed Rows
Double Arm Circles (forward and back)
Double Arm Raises (quick)
Tuck Jumps
Pop Pushups/Toe Pops
Cossack Squats
Drop Pushups to Backward Jump
Bow/Downward Dog Combo
Bow/Prone Crunch Combo
Bear Crawl


Tues 6-10-14: Park, TRX and Full Body

Today was a rare occurrence: two workouts within a couple hours. I was planning on joining my friend for a workout later but got an unexpected hour break so I took my TRX to the park to experiment with a few things. Before I knew it, I had worked out…

TRX Squat Row
Lunge Fly

Draped the TRX over a basketball hoop support bars to simulate rings and started messing around…

Ring Hold (from top and below)
Ring Dip
Skin The Cat
Ring Dip Leg Raise
Iron Cross (mini)
90 Degree Hang Hold w/ Knee Raise

Then I did 4-5 circuits:
Hanging Holds to 3 Skin The Cats
– 3-4 Ring Dips to Leg Raise
– Jump to bar, curl ups, bar work, swing jump off
Handstand ~20 sec


An hour and a half later I joined my buddy Bryan from Frontdive Fitness and his client for a 3 person workout. This was rougher than I’m used to as my workouts the last couple months have been pretty mild…

Full Body

1 min of med ball chest pass throw and run

3 consecutive rounds of 5 reps each:
Slam Ball Slams 30lb
Box Jump 36″

3 consecutive rounds of 10 reps each:
Ring Body Rows
Core Board Crossover Push-up
KB Swings 70lb

3 consecutive rounds of 10 reps each:
Goblet Squat 65lb
Kaiser Dual Cable Standing Press 25lb

3 consecutive rounds of 5 reps each:
Bent Right Arm DB Row 80lb
Right Arm Cable Push 50lb
Knee Hop Ups

3 consecutive rounds of 5 reps each:
Bent Left Arm DB Row 80lb
Right Left Cable Push 50lb
PowerPlate Crossover Jumps (10 reps)

3 consecutive rounds of 10 reps each:
Cable Alternating Archer 40lb
Hanging Curl Ups
Alt DB Clean & Press 35lb

3 rounds:
Treadmill Sled Push Sprint (10 sec)

End result: fatigue.

Fri 5-9-14: Run & Pullups

Simple workout at the basketball court at the nearby park…

Run & Pullup

5 min light warmup and muscle activation

Pull-up/Run Combo
10 Behind Neck Pullups
Jog 2 laps length of basketball court
10 Chinups
Run 2 laps length of basketball court
8 Behind Neck Pullups
Run 2 laps length of basketball court
8 Chinups
Run 1 Liner
7 Behind Neck Pullups
Run 1 Liner
7 Chinups
Run 1 lap Zig Zag Across Court
7 Behind Neck Pullups
Run 1 lap Zig Zag Across Court
7 Chinups
Run 1 lap with jump over half court
6 Behind Neck Pullups
Run 1 lap with jump over half court
6 Chinups
Sprint 1 length, rest 10 sec, sprint back
7 Behind Neck Pullups
Sprint 1 length, rest 10 sec, sprint back
7 Chinups

90 Pullups total

Wed 4-30-14: Stairs

Decided to take advantage of my flight of stairs at home for a quick little workout…

Stair Workout

The concept was very simple. Go up and down a flight of 15 stairs, 55 times, broken up into 6 different styles with a 1 minute rest between each set.

One Step (at a time) x 10 rounds

Two Steps (aka skip a step) x 10 rounds

Three Steps x 10 rounds

Four Steps (Jumping) x 5 rounds

Five Steps (Jumping) x 5 rounds

One Step Crossover (facing sideways) x 10 rounds

One Step (Cooldown) x 5 rounds

Total time = 18 minutes, 12 working, 6 resting

Total stairs = 825 (1650 if you count coming back down)

Total steps (as measured by FitBit) = 1850


Wed 2-19-14: Misc

An unplanned workout that ended up morphing as I went along…

Misc Full Body

Row 4 min Fish Game – 1945 points

3 circuits of:
DB Bicep Curl 10 reps: 20,25,30
Overhead Rope Extension 10 reps: 60,65,70
30 Degree Incline Treadmill Run 30 seconds: 5,7,10 mph

10 to 1 Paired Countdown:
Superman Planche Combo w/ DB
Cable Reverse Fly