February 2017- Video Barrage

I was looking through my phone’s video library yesterday and realized I had about 30 exercise videos I never published so over the course of an hour I blitzed YouTube with a couple dozen new fitness and exercise clips. There’s so many I won’t post them here but they include several ways to spice up your arm training by incorporating body work into it and quite a few ones from the archives that I had never filmed until recently. 

I’ve also added a couple training montages over the last month or so…

Hope all is fit in your neck of the woods and I hope to be posting quite a bit more in 2017!


Birthday Workout

I often like to do age related workouts on my birthday to celebrate the end of a year and beginning of a new one. For a few years it was timed Franzens, which came to an end at 35 because I just couldn’t wrap my head around 35 of those as fast as possible. This year was like most of the others where I use my age as the rep number and do a bunch of exercises for that day’s work. 

Kyle’s 38th Birthday Workout

1 set of 38 reps:

Jumping Jacks
Deep Squats
Ring Rows

38 reps each:
Over multiple sets, did 19 reps before moving on to next exercise then repeated circuit once more for 19 reps each. 

Handstand Hold/Walk
Cliffhanger/Fingertip Pull-ups
Jump Squats/Split Switch Jumps
Ring Dips
One Arm Hang

10 exercises, 380 reps. About 50 minutes. Not a bad way to finish the year. 

Handstand Pushup Negatives

One of the things I’ve started to work on the last couple times I’ve exercised is handstand push-up negatives. Today I did 5 sets of 3 reps, with sets of 5-8 pull-ups between. Since I’m worried about skill and practice I took long rest periods between to maximize the quality of each set. 

I was doing the full version, seen here as the last version in the video…

Tree Ring Circus 

After seeing my American Ninja Warrior dreams slip away this year, time to return to exploring my fitness options. A couple days ago I noticed a tree that would nicely accommodate my gymnastics rings. So the following day I brought my rings, hooked them over a couple branches and monkeyed around a bit…