The Playground 300

Find a playground, any will do. 

All you need is 3 little moves. 

Cycle through til 300 reps and

Quite a workout you will get…

This is what I played with around today. Simple but effective. I used push-ups, step-ups and body rows with rounds of 30, 24, 20, 16 and 10 reps for a total of 300 reps (100 each move). I added 300 seconds of misc hanging at the end for a nice finishing touch. You could use any number of exercises or rep schemes but this seemed just right.  


Mon 4-7-14: Upper Body

Similar to last couple Mondays…

Upper Body

10 Supersets of 10 reps:
BB Bent Row
45,75,95,115,135, 5 sets @ 155
Seated One Arm DB Press

5 Supersets:
Decline Body Row
10 reps: different grip each set
BB Push Press
5 reps: 95 lbs

4 Supersets of 12 reps:
Lying DB Iso Planche Leg Raise – 12lb DBs (15lb last set)

Cable Rev Fly Tricep Extension Combo – 3 sets of 10 lb x 12 reps

Mon 3-31-14: Upper Body

Similar to two Mondays…

Upper Body

7 Supersets of 10 reps each:
DB One Arm Row

4 Supersets of:
Dip – 10 reps
DB Outward Hammer Curl – 12 reps

4 Supersets of 12 reps:
Lying DB Iso Planche Leg Raise 10lb DBs (12lb last set)
Cable Reverse Fly 10lbs

Lying DB Iso Planche – 15lb x 30 sec

Cable Rev Fly Iso Tricep Extension – 10 lb x 12 reps

Mon 3-24-14: Upper Body

Similar to last week…

Upper Body

Barbell Superset:
Bent Row

(Total of 100 reps each)

Jump Pullup
Countdown 10 to 1:

Barbell (95 lbs) Superset of:
Bicep Curl 5 reps
Deadlift 10 reps

Mon 3-17-14: Upper Body

After a little break from lifting to focus on bodyweight and movement exercise for American Ninja Warrior, went back to some simple weight training today…

Upper Body

Barbell Superset:
Bent Row

(Total of 111 reps each)

Countdown 10 to 1:
Tuck Jump

Thur 1-30-14: Handstand Pushups

Did this throughout the afternoon…

60 Handstand Pushups

Row 4 min (Fish Game- 1665 points)
Handstand Practice ~ 5 min total on hands

Handstand Pushups
Wall Supported x 5,5
Partner Supported x 10,6,5,6,6
Supported x 6,7,6

Total reps: 62