Wed 8-21-13: B5F 5

Bare 5 Fit Protocol


Workout 5: Bodyweight

5 consecutive rounds, 30 seconds each:
Row with Keiser bar and Ab Dolly, 35lb equivalent
Treadmill Run 5 degree incline
6,9,10,11,12 mph

4 Supersets of:
Box Jumps 24″, 10 reps
Handstand 25
seconds free and/or against wall

Hamstring Drop to Plyometric Pushups
3 sets of 10

Muscle Up 4 sets of 5
BW, +10 next 3 sets

Alternating sets of:
Ab Dolly Rollout 4 sets of 10 reps (different hand position each set)
Incline Treadmill Sprint 3 sets at 19.5 Incline, 12 mph speed
10, 10, 20 seconds


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