Fri 5-31-13: Upper Body

Another Mantathalon training session…

20 Bench Press
19 Chin-ups
18 Shoulder Press
15 Dips
14 Curls

86 Total

17 minutes



Wed 5-29-13: Gone in 60 Seconds

Today I felt like running. Sprinting actually. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted something simple, short and challenging. Then it came to me… “I should do Gone in 60 Seconds…”

Good challenge. Bad idea.

Every once in a while my ego steps in front of my better judgement. Today was one of those days. I just didn’t realize it til it was over.

Gone in 60 Seconds
60 seconds on the treadmill at 10 mph and 30 degree incline.

Once the clock starts it doesn’t stop until you accumulate 60 seconds on the treadmill. Whether its 12 sets of 5 seconds, 5 sets of 15 or any combination you can manage, the goal is 60 seconds in the shortest possible time. When 60 seconds is over, you’re gone.

My best from a few years ago was a little over 3 minutes. Today it took my 3:15. But it took everything I had. It’s been almost a half hour now and I’m still recovering. My heart rate is still 108. I felt ok going into it but it devastated me. Probably wasn’t nourished well enough for this today. That darn ego.

Thur 5-23-13: A Rope & A Tree


Today I took a rope over to the park, found a big tree and played around a bit. I used my imagination and had fun trying to throw the rope over just the right branch, climbing the tree when I screwed up and got it caught, swinging, climbing the rope, using it like a TRX and just messing around in general. Some fun, some sun, some fresh air, some activity and some things I had never done before. Pretty cool.





Tues 5-21-13: Supple Leopardness

A couple days ago I got my copy of Becoming a Supple Leopard and today I started my journey toward becoming a better moving human. If you’re not already familiar with it you should check it out, it really is some fantastic stuff. I’ve been familiar with Kelly Starrett from his work on Mobility WOD for a few years but haven’t been inspired to attack my body until his book came out. Great stuff in a nice, heavy book that covers quite a bit. Check it out on his website or