Tues 4-30-13: Litminovs

One of the hardest but best workouts I’ve come across. Simple, quick and challenging. The trifecta.

The Basic Idea
Superset a strength (or power move) and a sprint.

The strength/power set can be any type but full body/lower body exercises that can be excited or transitioned from easily and quickly work best (front squat, power clean, kettlebell swings).

The sprint can be variable as well, ranging anywhere from 5 seconds to around a minute (think 40-400 yard dashes being the two extremes).

The Detailed Explanation
The backstory behind Litminovs is kind of cool and has some wrinkles. Here’s Dan John breaking it down in way more detail.

Today, since it has been a while, my version was mild:
3 sets of:
10 jump squats (max effort each rep)
15 second sprint (~120 yards)
3-4 minute rest between sets.

Simple, quick and challenging.


Mon 4-29-13: Upper Body

Upper Body

Bench Press
45×20, 95×10, 135×10 (followed by Cable Reverse Flys)
185×19 (followed by Cable Reverse Flys and 20 push-ups)
3 sets of 185×5

Dual Cable Lat Pulldown (alternated sets between neutral and wide pull)

3 compound sets of 12 reps each with 45lb DBs:
DB Pullover
DB Anchored Leg Raise
DB Crunch to Toes

3 compound sets of 10 reps each:
TRX Reverse Fly
Ab Wheel Rollouts

Some New Videos: April 2013, Part 2

Continued from Part 1 a couple days ago…

Core work:
Pullover on Ball (video)
Core Combo: Pullover, Crunch, Plank (video)
DB Pullover (video)
Leg Raise with Medicine Ball (video)

Incline Bench variations:
Incline Bench Barbell Row (video)
Incline Bench Dumbbell Row (video)
Incline Bench Reverse Fly (video)
Dumbbell Spider Curl (video)

TRX Atomic Push-up (video)
TRX Suspended Push-up (video)
TRX Knee Tuck (video)

Side Plank/Plank Combos:
Side Plank Cable Row (video)
Side Plank Cable Pulldown (video)
Plank Cable Pulldown (video)
Side Plank Cable Shoulder Press (video)
Side Plank Cable Bicep Curl (video)
Side Plank Cable Curl & Press (video)
Plank Cable Shoulder Press (video)

Finally, for those studs out there, here a couple good challenges:
Leg Crank (video)
Parting The Black Sea (video)
Super Arms (video)

Post Super Arms…

Some New Videos: April 2013, Part 1

Added a bunch of videos today…

Back Lunge Single Leg Good Morning Combo (video)
Squat Back Lunge Single Leg Good Morning Combo (video)
Overhead Back Lunge (video)
Side Plank with Side Crunch (video)
Reach Through Windmill (video)
Alligator Push-up (video)
Seated Ab Curl Up (video)
Plank Depth Reach (video)

Did about 20 more, will add those later…

Tues 4-23-13: Park Day

Today was a park day.

Swinging on the swings.
Swing Jumps.
Playground Transversing.
Jumping and hanging from basketball hoops.

And the most fun…
Base running. Went to the little league field at the park and did some running around the bases. Home runs, doubles, singles, triples, 1st to 3rd, bunt singles, scoring from second, stealing bases. Simply, I just pretended I was playing a baseball game. It was pretty fun and a great conditioning workout. Hopefully no one was watching and wondering why the old guy was playing a pretend game of baseball on the kids’ field, all the way down to giving the third base coach a high five after I hit a walk off homer. 🙂

Mon 4-22-13: Shoulders & Arms

Had 30 minutes so went after it…Shoulders & Arms

Smooth Clean & Press (video)
10 reps: 10,20,30,45,45,50,50,50,50,50

5 supersets of:
BB Bicep Curl 50lbs x 10,12,11,10,10
DB Lateral Raise 15 lbs x 10,12,12,10,10

4 supersets of:
Cable Reverse Fly 10 lbs x 15,15,15,15
Dual Cable High Curl 10 lbs x 12,15,15,15