Sun 3-31-13: Bouncehouse Play

Happy Easter!

Today was play day- chasing nearly 10 kids, ranging from 2-12 years old, up, over, around and through a bounce house. I was a monster/wolf and chased little kids/cats around almost endlessly. So cool! I think I had as much fun as they did. Great full body workout and tons of good old fashioned fun play all around.


Tues 3-26-13: Upper Body Push

Upper Body Push

Incline Bench Press
45×10, 95×10, 135×5, 155×10,9,8,8

DB Alternating Bench Press
65 lb DBs: 2 sets of 12 reps (6 each side), 1 set of 20 reps

Arnold Press
4 sets: 10 reps at 30 lbs (alternated arms on 2nd and 4th sets)

3 sets of 10

Superset of 10 reps @ 25 lbs:
DB Fly
DB Lying Tricep Extension

Feeling a bit run down from poor sleep and coughing kids the last few nights so called it a day. Probably time for a few days off…

Fri 3-22-13: Back, Shoulders & Arms

Back, Shoulders & Arms

45 Degree Lat Pulldown
10 sets of 10

3 supersets of:
DB Arc Row 10 reps @ 40,45,50
DB Bent Reverse Fly 12 reps @ 10

3 supersets of:
Cable Iso Alternating Row 10 reps @ 90
DB Bent Reverse Fly 12 reps @ 10 (not a typo, did this again)

4 supersets of 15 reps:
DB Curl w/ Fat Gripz 15,20,20,20
Dual Cable Shrug 100lbs

DB Hammer Curl, Press, Tricep Extension Combo
3 sets with 20lb DBs
1st set: alternate arms for 8 reps
2nd set: one side count up 1-5
3rd set: one side count down 5-1

Thur 3-21-13: Leg Challenge

Lower Body

2 mile hike down and back up a local gully trail.

Leg Challenge: 10 reps of each in a row, 50 reps total.
Step Up (10 each leg)
Lunge (same)

Set 1: Bodyweight
Set 2: +25% of BW (45 lbs for me)
Set 3: +50% of BW (90 lbs)

Set 4: +75% of BW (135 lbs)
This is where I stopped…

BONUS for the freaks:
Set 5: +100% of BW


BONUS for the gluttons for punishment:
Work your way back down- 50%, 25%, BW.

You can use any apparatus to add the weight, I chose a barbell for convenience. You can also modify it for different percentages of BW (10%, 20%, 30%, etc.).

10 Ten Minute Full Body Workouts

Came across a great article at Marks Daily Apple called 10 Full Body Workouts You Can Do In 10 Minutes Flat. Some great stuff in here, bookmark this if you ever need quick and effective ways to move a challenge your body, including some gym workouts but mostly outdoor natural movement challenges.