Wed 5-30-12: Track Day

Track Work

Had planned to run a mile for time but decided not to during the workout.

1 mile run
1/4 mile walk
100 meter sprint
1/4 mile walk
1/4 mile for time – 1:06
1/4 mile walk
1/4 mile run (was planning on doing a mile for time here but legs were tired at a 6 min pace for the first 1/2 lap so I sprinted to finish out a 1/4 mile).
1/4 mile walk
100 meters for time – 11 sec


Fri 5-25-12: Lower Body

Lower Body

DB Squat – 10 reps with each pair of dumbbells, 150 reps total

Walking Lunge to Balance
3 sets of 10 steps forward, 10 steps backward

Single Leg Deadlift w/ Kettlebell 10 reps each leg
1st set KB held in opposite hand of working leg (50lb)
2nd set KB held in same side hand of working leg (50lb)
3rd set KB held with both hands (70lb)

Core Circuit
Alternated between planks, dead bugs, side planks and situps for about 10 minutes.