Mon 4-30-12

An early morning beach trip for some fun in the sand…

Beach Workout

Walking for 10 minutes

Jogging for 5 minutes

Dodging waves for 5 minutes (followed the surf down and then ran away from it when the waves came in- also shuffled away, backpedalled away and just played with the water)

General movement, stretching and jumping for 5 minutes

Sprints on wet sand (4 40-50 yard sprints)- tried to find a point in the sand and beat the water to it.

Walking for 10 minutes

Sat and watched the waves for 10 minutes

About 5 hours later a little extra workout…

Basic Pull Workout

5 Supersets of 10 reps each…
Deadlift (snatch grip 95-135-185, regular 185, close grip sumo 185) Video of Snatch Grip Dealift
Pullup (wide-wide-wide-middle-narrow)

Some miscellaneous stretching and mobility work.


Fri 4-27-12

Messed around with a bunch of single leg exercises today…

Lower Body & Core

1 set each of each exercise/version…

Band Walk
Penguin (Video)
Penguin Walk (Video)

Stand to Kneel
Standard (Video)
Weighted onto 6″ Step (barbell on back)
Weighted onto 9″ Steps on outside of knees
Weighted onto Bench from 4″ Pad (Video)

Deep Step Up (Video)

Single Leg Squat on Step (Video)

Single Leg Stand Up
Standard (Video)
Supine Balance to Stand Up (Video)

Single Leg Toe Touch (Video)

Oblique Crunch on Airex (Video)

Oblique Raises with Knee Tucks (Video)

Over The Hill Crunches (Video)

V-Ups (Video)

Tues 4-24-12

Had an unexpected open hour so I walked over to the park and ran around a bit…

Movement Workout

Agility Drills
Nothing structured, just ran around the basketball court, following the lines, zig-zagging, cutting, spinning, shuffling, back pedaling, etc.

3 sets of the basketball conditioning drill, ran 80-90%.
34.6, 31.7, 30.3

A few jumps onto the basketball hoop support bars and rim

Barefoot Grass Sprints
5 ~100 yard runs at a moderate pace, 75% if I had to put a number on it. Haven’t sprinted in a while so took it easy and stretched it out.

Then just walked around for a while on the grass.

Mon 4-23-12

Lots and lots of pullups today. Just felt like doing a bunch…

Upper Body Pull

10 sets, varied grips and apparatus:
Wide on perpendicular cage bars x 10
Wide on cage bars underhand grip x 6
Wide Behind Neck on bar x 10
Wide on bar x 9
Alternate Grip on bar x 8,7
Chinups on bar x 9
Wide on swivel grips x 7
Standard width on swivel grips x 7
Narrow swivel x 7
80 reps total

Body Row
Neutral Grip on Free Motion Cable – 3 sets of 10
Reverse Grip on bar – 3 sets of 10

Ab Wheel Rollout from pushup position
2 sets of 20