Wed 2-29-12

Walk to park, swing on the swings and see how far I can jump off and stick the landing.

Hang Power Clean & Lynne

Clean 3,3,3,1,1,1 (145,165,175,185,195,205: Total 1070) (+60)

Lynne (max reps bodyweight bench followed by max pull ups, 3 sets, 3 minute rest between sets) – bodyweight 175

Bench 20, 10, 8 = 38 (+5)
Pull Ups 16, 10, 8 = 34 (+6)
Total = 72 (+11)

3 supersets of curls and tricep extensions.
2 sets of rollouts with the wheel.


Experimentation with Max Effort Black Box

Over the next few months I hope to follow some of the Max Effort Black Box workouts developed by Michael Rutherford. After hearing him interviewed I took a look at his site, Bootcamp Fitness, and decided to incorporate a version of the MEBB template. Although it will not follow it precisely it will serve as my guide for a few months. Take a look at his site for lots of good info on training and fitness.